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 So, how do you get a smart new race awning? You become a GH Awnings Ambassador for The Awning Company!

New for 2017 is our GH Awning Ambassador scheme, where you act as a representative throughout the UK at race circuits. All we ask is that you erect your awning in a prominent position within the paddock that attracts the attention of fellow racers – sending them green with envy!

If having a brand new GH Awning doesn’t whet the appetite of your competitors, then we will supply you with the best branding, banners, brochure and pricelists to help you get the attention at the paddock and create enquiries.

All that is required is that while you are in the paddock, you collect names and contact details from those who are interested in one of our awnings and email all of the details over to our Sales Team back at The Awning Company HQ in Bolton. We can then do all the rest of the hard work and follow all enquiries up and hopefully convert your enquiry into a sale.

We will complete all the relevant follow-up procedures; all you are required to do is hand out brochures & leaflets and collect names, telephone numbers and email addresses – it’s as simple as that!

GH Awning Ambassador

In 2017, The Awning Company will be supporting a number of aspiring racers in all Motorsport disciplines. From youth & adult Motocross, to Karting and Road Racing, right the way throughout all of the 4-Wheel Motorsport categories.

We have all walked around the race paddock and, without exception, everyone aspires to work out of the pro-team paddock awnings or at the very least, envy the facilities they offer. However, we can only dream of having that new smart awning as we choose to spend our hard earned money on tuning bits or race tyres; the awning is the last thing on the wish list…

Cue the Ambassador Scheme!

So, how do I qualify for the Ambassador Role?

First of all you will need to send us a copy of your race CV, which must include the race series you participate in and a list of the circuits you compete at. We also require you to tell us how many meetings a year you compete at and if these meetings include any other race series i.e. if you compete in Supersport, do superbikes run at the same meetings? Finally, we’d need a picture of your vehicle and your wish list for the size of awning you’d fit to your van “if money was no object!”

Please note – we only require one Ambassador per region / series. In other words, we won’t duplicate this with your next door neighbour.

How do the finances work?

We will need you to give us all of your details; van model and size of awning required. At this stage we would treat you just like any other paying customer. If you would like logos printing on your sheets, windows, terraces etc. just spec up the awning as if you were buying it at RRP.

We will then invoice you for just 50% of the total cost of the awning, which needs to be paid when you awning is fitted. The remaining 50% will not be invoiced, and payment will be deferred for a further 12 months.

The 50% that has been differed for 12 months sits as an I.O.U. However, every time one of your referrals/enquiries converts to a sale, you will be credited £200 per sale. So, if your awning originally costs £3,000, you pay £1,500 when first collecting your awning and the remaining £1,500 is deferred for 12 months – which you will pay off with £200 from every sale until the end of your race season.

What happens if I don’t get any sales?

If the amount of credits you’ve built up is lower at the end of your contract end date, you will need to pay the remaining balance in full.

Please note:

You should not enter this deal if you do not believe that you can make a difference to our Sales Plan. Do not treat this as a way to get a free awning – this scheme has not been designed to work in that way. We advise that you only register your interest to be a GH Awning Ambassador if you strongly believe in the product you will be promoting, but funds are holding you back from purchasing a new awning under normal terms and conditions, just like any other client.

If you would like to get involved in our Ambassador scheme, or have any questions, please contact our Sales Team on 01204 544 900, or send an email to info@theawningcompany.co.uk with the subject header – GH Awning Ambassador. 

The Awning Company GH Ambassador Scheme Terms and Conditions