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4 Reasons Quality Awnings are essential for Mobile Businesses

Unpredictable weather, restricted workspace – the ability to work outdoors can be integral to a mobile business’ success. From offering customers shelter to workspaces for mobile engineers, here are just a few ways that awnings can expand your offering and help you continue to do business all while providing a safe weatherproof space for you or your team, whatever the weather.


  • 1) Provide Extra-Space

It’s simple maths – the more floor space you have, the more room you have to work under, hold stock and accommodate customers. The more potential customers you can cater for– the more successful your trade for that day will be, and if you’re offering them respite from the rain then that’s even better!

Not only that, but a safe and secure workspace is essential for mobile engineers to carry out work in adverse weather conditions and reduce their working days lost. An innovative, quickly deployed awning fitted to work vans provide the extra space technicians and engineers need.

mobile technician awning workspace

  • 2) Portable cover designed to last

Our Awnings are all manufactured to the highest of standards. Our team of highly skilled manufacturers ensure that all Awnings have immense durability and strength for all our customers – which means the products can be used again and again, year on year.

All of our products are manufactured in own factories in Bolton, Lancashire. This means that we have full control over the entire production process, allowing us to check and guarantee the overall quality of all our products in-house. With proper care of our quality awnings, they will last as long as you need them to.


Could a mobile awning be right for your business? You can get a quick and easy quote in just a few clicks here:


  • 3) Stay dry in the rain and cool in the summer

As well as the high level of durability, all our mobile awnings cater to the unpredictable nature of British weather. Keep yourself, customers and team dry in the rain or offer them shade in the 4 days of Sun we might get!

  • 4) Increase your brand visibility

You can seize a huge potential branding opportunity by fully utilising your awning.

The Awning Company provide a range of different mobile awnings to suit your overall brand image, we as well ensuring that you stay ahead of the competition. We also include the inclusion of brand graphics, design patterns and an array of colours to give your company the ability to highlight a message that will be instantly recognisable to your customer base.

If you’re looking for more information on how our range of mobile awnings can help your company, then get in contact with one of our Awning specialists.

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