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Our customers have a great deal in common. As well as buying high-quality products like the GH Awning, our customers have a lot of shared interests. Many of our customers are part of the motorhome owner community, or part of a motorsports club, so we wanted to set up an online space where we can share news and updates, as well as creating a community, so you can share information and adventure stories.

We have set up a GH Awning Facebook Group, where we will share exciting news that we know will be of interest to GH Awning owners and it will be a place where you can benefit from giving each other advice and tips based on your experiences.

This is what you can expect to see in the GH Awning Facebook Group:

News about our latest offers, including discounts and new products.
News about upcoming events that you might be interested in.
Question time for new members, to get insights from us or the rest of the community.
Sharing of photos to see how other owners are using their GH Awning and the places that they visit.
Photos from events, to see all the different awnings and great ways they are being used.
Blog posts including expert advice and tips, such as how to maintain your awning.
Sharing reviews of campsites and providing information about sites and destinations, so members can make recommendations based on their own experiences.
Information about new products from The Awning Company, and products from our sister companies that we think you will want to hear about.
Behind-the-scenes photos of the awning manufacturing processes, so you can see the skill and care that goes into the production of every awning.
Sharing holiday photos so you can see some of the best places to visit in your motorhome.

Make sure that you join the GH Awning Facebook Group so you can get all of these valuable insights to make your future adventures and experiences even better.

When you join a community of like-minded people, you can make friends and find out information that can help you to discover places you never knew about and find the perfect destination for your trips based on your shared interests.  

Join the GH Awning Facebook Group and become part of the family.

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