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Our Cafe Cubes at Rylands Farmhouse

Café Cubes are Helping The Kitchen at Rylands Farmhouse to Thrive

The Awning Company designed our Café Cube dining pods to help businesses to find the best solutions to work within the Government’s restrictions and guidelines and we are pleased to say, they have already helped many businesses to welcome customers they would have otherwise not been able to.

Many pubs, hotels and restaurants have suffered from customers cancelling in bad weather, but our unique Café Cubes have prevented this costly problem, providing customers with a dry and warm place to enjoy their food and drinks.

How Café Cubes have helped The Kitchen at Rylands Farmhouse

The Kitchen at Rylands Farmhouse is one of our favourite success stories and is a perfect example of why our Café Cubes are priceless investments for pubs and restaurants. Situated close to Wilmslow town centre, near Manchester Airport, The Kitchen at Rylands Farmhouse offers fine dining with a large and varied menu. They also provide a boutique Bed and Breakfast in their stunning converted farmhouse setting.

At re-opening in April, when the Government lockdown roadmap allowed outdoor dining, they installed 4 Café Cubes as dining pods, which have proven to be incredibly popular.

Customers are able to book timeslots for drinking and dining, knowing that they will be able to enjoy themselves in a dry and warm setting. The Café Cubes are fitted with a heater, meaning that diners are able to stay warm for the duration of their meal, regardless of the weather.

Extra touches for an exceptional dining experience

The Kitchen at Rylands Farmhouse team has also beautifully decorated their Cafe Cubes, providing a safe, cosy and enchanting experience as people meet up with friends, or go for family meals. The Café Cubes have received so many bookings that they are now looking to install more Café Cubes to cater to the huge demand.

Even with indoor dining being allowed from May 17, there is still a large appetite for outdoor dining, as people look for safer ways to socialise and also enjoy the benefits of being outdoors.

For more info on the Kitchen at Rylands Farmhouse, visit www.rylandsfarm.com.

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