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Equistor Stable Management

Stable Door Pads

Heavy duty Green PVC stable door pad made with high density foam inner core.


Heavy duty chain and quick release spring hook for easy and quick stable entry.

Stops ‘barging’ horses.

Stops big knees through persistent banging of stable door.

Reduces noise of stable door banging.

Comes complete with all eye bolt fixings for easy DIY installation.

Anti-Cast Pads

Fully sealed shock/impact resistant foam pads

Easy to clean and disinfect.

Reduces injury when horses get cast due to thrashing legs.

Reduce bedding costs by up to 50%.

Reduce labour time in mucking out.

Reduce respiratory problems due to bedding dust.

Reduce the risk of injury due to horse casting.

Reduce bacteria held in bedding banks.

Easy removable

Less risk of injury from low level kicking.




Example 2 – Full 4′ Height Safety Pads Only

Anti-Cast and Safety Pads for stables

12’x12′ loose box as per photo (3.6mtrs x 3.6mtrs)

Safety Pads

1 off    12′ Long (3.6mtrs) x 4′ High (1.20mtrs)

1 off    12′ Long (3.6mtrs) x 4′ High (1.20mtrs) with cut out for water feeder

1 off     8′ Long (2.5mtrs) x 4′ High (1.20mtrs)

2 off     Corner Pads 4′ High (1.20mtrs)

Made to measure: All our anti-cast and safety pads are made to measure to fit any size of stable.

Simply measure the width x depth of stable or contact us for more details on our MTM service.

Stable Door Toe Pad


Heavy Duty PVC Toe Pads for horses that constantly bang their feet against the door at feed time.

Helps prevent bruising to hoof

Reduces noise

Comes complete with tracking for easy DIY installation.

Only can be used on conventional opening doors, not suitable for sliding doors




Main causes of Airway Disease:

Bacteria and viruses

Airborne dust, especially from bedding.

Noxious gases i.e Ammonia.

Main benefits of Equistor Anti-Cast/Safety Pads

Improved respiratory of the horse

Replaces traditional bankings which are a breeding ground for mould and increased levels of ammonia from horse’s urine.

Helps to prevent coughing from inhalation of dust and spores.

Reduces the amount of soiled bedding, effectively saving up to 50% on bedding costs.

Will pay for itself in less than a year

Disposed bedding is more animal waste than contaminated bedding

Mucking out time is greatly reduced as sorting out clean from soiled bedding is very wasteful.

Disposal of soiled bedding is expensive and yards can soon become swamped with the overspill from the ‘muck heap’.


Testimonial (1) Peter Hodgkinson (Horse Producer)

“Because time is so valuable with all the schooling and show preparation I have to do, saving time and money on mucking out has been a big bonus. Plus we have one particular large riding horse who loves to roll a lot in his stable and has more than once got himself stuck against the stable wall. He could have quite easily damaged his legs through all the thrashing about but now with the new anti-cast pads I know he’s never going to harm himself. Initially he tried to chew on the pads but he found it so difficult as the pads are made of such heavy duty PVC he simply can’t get his teeth into them.”

Testimonial (2) Wayne Markland (Stable Manager at Crow Wood Equestrian)

“I think the anti-cast pads when fitted with the safety pads are a great idea for horses that have a tendency to kick out at their stable mates or knock down their bankings. I’ve found the full height safety pads not only reduce the risk of injury to the horse but also prevent damage to my stables and reduce the noise element of horses continually kicking out at the stable sidewalls.”