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GH Frontier

In 1994, GH Awnings set new standards in awning design, with the first generation Frontier. Over the years, the demands and expectations of camper owners and coach-builders have increased; weight and aesthetic looks being paramount. The Frontier inherits the unique Twin Keder Seal-R system. This feature alone sets our awnings apart from our competitors. No other product can come close to providing such an effective roof to side sheet seal, with the added bonus of quick assembly by use of the aluminum side-awning rail.

All of our awnings are tailored to suit the sides of your camper; cut and trimmed to the exact shape and then sealed to the side with an anodised or powder coated awning rail. To complement the vehicles colour scheme, this rail is very discreet and does not spoil the camper’s look, but creates a weather and draft-proof seal.

Weight plays a big part in the design of modern vehicles. The Frontier cassette box is very slim (just 150mm), and not that deep (just over 200mm). Also, it weighs 25% less than its predecessor. Use of modern manufacturing techniques and materials, have meant we have retained tremendous strength qualities. The Frontier is the only camper awning that can be wound out totally unsupported without the use of legs to stop it collapsing, although we do recommend the use of the telescopic legs in bad weather. A professional installation is very important and we always recommend this be done in a workshop environment. Performing onsite fitting “in a field” is not recommended, as it would be impossible to affect a proper seal when drilling the side of the camper.

A white powder coated finish and attractive plastic end caps compliment the slim proportions of the Frontier. The most popular projection for our Motorhome Leisure Awning is 2.5m in projection. However, the Frontier Leisure awning is available in other projection options. We manufacture the cassette box to the nearest millimeter, in order to miss lockers, doors, windows and vents. Therefore no compromise is required in choosing an incorrect awning that does not fit your camper.

PVC sidewall sheeting has always been the standard but with the use of new high tech materials, considerable weight savings have been possible. Mehler Airtex material is used for the sidewalls, which is lightweight, breathable and waterproof – each are very important factors when coping with the unpredictable weather.

Other features of the sidewall design include: doors in each end panel, meshed vents; windows; and zip-out panels, adjustable peg rubbers discretely hidden behind an inner PVC mud-wall, heavy duty PVC outer mudwall, zipped side to front panels, zipped terraced panel in front sheet, tailored curtains and a whole host of attractive design features that will really enhance your motorhome.

For an up to date list of available PVC and acrylic colours, please contact our Sales Team.


We pride ourselves in creating awnings that cope with the extremes of bad weather. However, an awning is a temporary structure and as such we cannot guarantee it is 100% weatherproof, in every possible area.

In some cases, one person could erect a GH Frontier.