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3 Reasons Why an Awning Makes a Great Addition to Your Motorhome

You can’t beat spending time in your motorhome, seeing more of the UK and having the freedom to take a break whenever you want. All without worrying and stress of paying for expensive hotels or flights. Whether you love to stay near the coast or prefer somewhere in the middle of the mountains with great access to challenging walks, you can stay on the doorstep of some breathtaking places when you have a motorhome.

One factor that does tend to put adventures on hold though is the unpredictability of the British weather. One minute we’re forecast a week of dry days, the next we’re experiencing torrential rain, so many people restrict their motorhome adventures to the summer. However, with a robust and weatherproof motorhome awning, you don’t have to worry about the weather. 

This article will outline three reasons why motorhome porch awnings and motorhome accessories make a great addition to your motorhome as well as some common awning questions buyers tend to have:

Frequently asked motorhome porch awnings questions

motorhome awning

What awning fits my motorhome?

When deciding on the best motorhome awnings for you, only an awning that meets the particular measurements of your motorhome will be suitable so it’s important to know these before browsing awnings. To find out what awning fits your motorhome, you need to measure the height of your awning blind from the ground, your awning blind’s length and the distance of your awning blind from the top of your door. Once you have these measurements, you can begin finding an awning that is suitable for your needs.

What is a safari room on a motorhome?

If you’ve been wondering what is a safari room on a motorhome, it is a heavy-duty set of three walls that can attach to a wind-out awning. A safari room has many benefits as it can provide a feeling of security and privacy to your motorhome and also protect against poor weather, such as rain. A safari room goes by various different names, such as a residence room or motorhome tent.

The benefits of an awning to your motorhome

Additional, sheltered space

Even the biggest models of motorhomes can be a bit cramped, which is why it is great to be able to spend time sitting outside and relaxing in the beautiful outdoors. However, if it starts raining, or is windy or cold, then sitting outside isn’t much fun. When you have a weatherproof, solid awning that easily attaches to the side of your motorhome, you can instantly create a big sheltered area to enjoy in any weather. Designs come with windows too, so you can still take in all of the natural outdoor beauty that you went on your trip to enjoy.

Quick to assemble

The GH awnings from The Awning Company are amongst the best motorhome awnings available in the UK. They are designed for easy assembly and the innovative Twin Kedar Seal-R system provides complete coverage from every angle. It is also very fast to assemble compared to erecting tents or other types of awnings. If the rain suddenly starts, you can quickly pull out your awning for a roomy and warm space with windows on all three sides to enjoy the outdoor views.

Great for socialising

Whether you are travelling with a large group, or you meet people at the campsite, if the weather isn’t good enough to sit outside, you can still spend time together with a campervan awning. You can invite your friends back to yours and sit in the comfort of your awning. If you take your dog(s) with you in your motorhome, motorhome accessories such as an awning give them some extra space to roam and stretch their legs when you’re not out and about.

Awnings and motorhome accessories manufactured by our experts at The Awning Company are made to last and also look attractive, while adding character and making a statement on the campsite. Our awnings are made to measure, tailored to any vehicle and you can even choose colours to match your motorhome to make it truly your own.

If you would like to start making more of your motorhome trips by enjoying the great outdoors all year round, get a quote for your awning today.

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Out of all the awning companies on the market, you won’t find many more reliable ones than us. With all of our products being British made in our Bolton factories and with over 30 years of experience in the business, our awnings are some of the best motorhome awnings on the market.

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