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How to Get A Quote for Your Awning

If you are looking for an awning but aren’t quite sure how to go about getting a quote that suits your exacting needs, The Awning Company is on hand. They can point you in the right direction and provide you with an awning quote that is not only accurate but competitive too. If you are looking for affordable awnings for business prices for your awning roof, continue reading.

Using our checklist ensures you’re getting the perfect awning for all your requirements as well as covering all the bases for when we come back to you with a quote.

How much do awnings cost in the UK?

For a rough estimation of the sort of pricing you can come to expect when looking into getting an awning quote, the answer varies depending on the size of the awning and the type of vehicle it will be installed on. To answer the question ‘how much do awnings cost in the UK’, that depends on the nature of the awning. Whilst pricing for sun shade canopies sits at around £700, our robust and weatherproof GH awnings can be made to your requirements starting at only £1,800.

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What is your vehicle type, model and length?

To work out what awning is best suited to your vehicle, we need to know what it is! The model and body length are also vital pieces of information as we can then decide the awning length and projection to suit your vehicle and the type of mounting kit needed.

What floor space are you looking for?

An awning can greatly increase the floor space of your vehicle, offering you more room to suit your requirements and allowing you to mark your place in the paddock. 

A key requirement of your quote is knowing what floorspace you are looking for with your awning ideas, as we can then consult our portfolio of different models to find the correct width and projection to suit.

What are you using the awning for?

A big criterion of your quote is us knowing what you are using the awning for, as this will allow us to work out what the best finish for your awning will be. Each finish to the awning and sheeting has a different cost and we want to make sure that we factor this into your requirements to create an awning that covers every single need that you have.

Gaining an understanding of what your awning will be used for will open your options to many of the different upgrades we have available, all of which are completely optional and budget-friendly. 

If your awning is for commercial use, our business awning prices are always set to be as reasonable as possible as we know that awnings for business prices can sometimes be particularly costly. We also provide quotes for awnings for leisure purposes that are just as affordable.

Are you looking for a fully enclosed, or roof-only system?

Do you want your awning to create a fully enclosed room beside your vehicle, or do you need it just for roof-only purposes? Having an awning roof will most likely be the more economic choice, but the fully enclosed option may provide you with the extra comfort and privacy that you have been seeking.

If you want a fully enclosed system, do you want it to be hard or soft standing?

Where will you be pitching your awning? Will it be on soft standing ground, i.e. grass, or on hard standing ground, such as tarmac? Determining where your awning will be pitched is a big part of the finish and how we create a fully enclosed system to suit the pitch that you choose to use.

Once we understand your pitching preference, we can then determine the specification that is required for you.

Do you want us to fit your awning, or are you happy to do it yourself?

At The Awning Company, we have a dedicated and highly professional team on hand who can fit your awning to the highest of standards.  However, we also understand that many of our established customers are comfortable with fitting their awning themselves and as a result reduce their business awning prices. This is why we have the option of supplying it directly to you for you or your coachbuilder to do the rest – the choice is yours and your final quote will factor this in.

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