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How To Take Care Of Your Awning In Autumn

Whether you’re planning on getting out and about over the next few months or you’re waiting for some warmer weather, now is the time to make sure that your awning is in the best possible condition. This helps to prolong its life and makes sure that you’re ready for your next trip. Just a few simple actions can keep your awning in top condition and prevent you from needing to replace it for a very long time. Continue reading this guide from high-quality awning suppliers, The Awning Company, which is filled with tips on cleaning an awning.

cleaning an awning

Cleaning an awning

When cleaning an awning, you’ll need a maintenance checklist to follow in order to fully care for your awning. Here is a checklist you can use when cleaning an awning:

  • Clear any debris
  • Repair any rips or tears
  • Cleaning and treating the fabric

Clear any debris

It can be easy to put your vehicle and motorhome awning into storage and forget about doing a last clean around the awning rail but it’s common for bits of debris to collect there. So, the first step you need to take when cleaning an awning is to remove and clear all debris. Otherwise, it may damage your awning and paintwork.

You should try to avoid parking your vehicle underneath any trees as this is where the majority of debris comes from.

Repair any rips or tears

If you’re wondering how to repair an awning fabric tear then you’re in the right place. This is the next step on the way to ensuring your awning is in tip-top condition.

Closely inspect your awning to check for any rips or tears. Accidents happen and small holes may occur in race awnings due to the amount of activity within them and the tools being used. While it’s quite easy to fix, if you leave them they will quickly get larger and worse, and then require more work to fix them. You can patch up a hole or sew it back together to ensure that the issue does not get any worse.

You should also look for any other signs that there are any structural problems with your awning and get them fixed as soon as possible.

If you’re unable to repair any tears yourself, you can actually send them to The Awning Company and we’ll get to work on making them look brand new again. We also offer patch repair kits to help you fix any issues you may have.

Cleaning and treating the fabric

Now you’ve removed any debris and completed the awning repair, the next step is a clean and wash. The best way of cleaning an awning is while it is still on its frame and, preferably, on a warm day so it dries quickly. Once you have cleared any debris with a soft-bristled brush, the next step is to wash the fabric.

If there are any patches of dirt, spray it with some mild soapy water. If there are any signs of mildew, you’ll need to spend some time clearing this with a soft-bristled brush and water with mild soap. Likewise, if there are any problems like tree sap, bird droppings or rust, you should do the same thing. Don’t forget to make sure that you rinse the soap out completely to avoid any staining.

Once you have finished cleaning an awning, leave it to dry out completely before retracting it. You should repeat this process regularly to keep your awning in the best possible condition. It is particularly important to do it when we reach autumn and winter, so you should clean the awning before your vehicle is stored away.

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