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Join the GH Frontier Awning Community

The Awning Company’s customers have a great deal in common. As well as buying high-quality products, like the GH Frontier Awning, our customers have a lot of shared interests. Many are part of the motorhome owner community or part of a motorsports club, so we wanted to set up an online space where we can share news and updates. As well as creating a community, it also allows you a space to share information and stories of your adventures.

GH Frontier Awning’s Facebook

As we wanted to build an online community of awning lovers, we thought there would be no better way to do this than on Facebook. The GH Awnings Owners Club Facebook Group is where you will be able to find and share exciting awning news. It will be a place where you, and other enthusiasts, can benefit from giving each other advice and tips based on your experiences.

These are the sort of things you can expect from the GH Awning Facebook group:

  • News about our latest offers, including discounts and new products, like the GH Frontier Windout.
  • Information about upcoming events.
  • Question and answer opportunities for new members, to get insights from us or others in the community.
  • Sharing photos to see how other owners use their GH Awning and the places they visit.
  • Photos from events, to see all the different awnings and the great ways they’re being used.
  • Blog posts that include expert advice and tips, such as how to maintain your awning.
  • Sharing reviews of campsites and providing information about sites and destinations so that members can make recommendations based on their own experiences.
  • Behind-the-scenes photos of the awning manufacturing process, so you can see the skill and care that goes into the production of every awning.

Make sure that you join our official Facebook group so you can get all of these valuable insights to make your future adventures and experiences even better. It’s also a perfect way for you to socialise and create lasting relationships with fellow enthusiasts.

When you join a community of like-minded people, you can make friends and find out information that can help you to discover places you never knew about.  You can also get some travel inspiration and find the perfect destination for your trips based on your shared interests.   

Join the GH Awning Facebook group and become part of the family.

Benefits of an online community

An online forum for fellow enthusiasts to converse is a great way to share GH awning instructions, tips, tricks and much more. There are many benefits to joining an online community, such as:

  • Create personal connections
  • Having a better customer experience
  • Pick up insights and early information on products and offers
  • Find new locations you’ve never been to
gh frontier community

The Awning Company Bolton

The Awning Company in Bolton is determined to provide you with the very best service and high-quality GH Frontier Awnings. Whether you’re looking for one for your motorhome or you work in the motorsport industry, you’ll be able to find precisely what you’re looking for with us.

If you’re searching for motorsport windout awnings or van awnings, you’re in the right place with The Awning Company possessing an impressive range of GH Frontier Awnings.

When you buy a GH Frontier Awning you are getting:

  • 30+ years of awning manufacturing and design experience
  • Bespoke awnings built to suit a full range of vehicles 
  • PVC materials that meet M2 flame retardancy standards
  • Made in Britain mark
  • Trusted by global brands like Ford
  • Outstanding range of custom accessories
  • Excellent spares and after-sales service


If you would like to find out more about GH frontier awnings, and talk about how our range of bespoke awnings will suit your requirements, call us on 01204 544 900. You can also get a quote from The Awning Company with a simple call to our team.