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Place in the sun - the diverse uses of our awnings in motorsport

With more than 30 years of experience behind us here at the Awning Company, we have a long history of delivering awnings to organisations across a wide range of industries – and our solutions have long been a favourite in motorsports. They’re favoured for their reliability, durability, and crucially their versatility – able to fulfil a variety of useful roles to help grease the wheels for drivers, teams, and guests alike.

Our awnings encompass an expansive array of options, from our GH Windout awnings to Modular lightweight aluminium framed structures, GH Jumbo WindoutsTech Tents, and more. So with that in mind, here are some of the most helpful applications they’re often used for!


Motorsports awning


For drivers and riders

Many of our awnings are used in motorsport events, where they serve several useful functions for the riders themselves. Primarily, they offer a useful place to sit and rest, taking a breather from the highly intense environment of the arena. A huge part of racing is psychological, and riders need a space to recuperate so that they can keep themselves calm and collected – and ultimately, ready for action.

That’s the mental preparation. By the same token, awnings can also offer a useful space for drivers to practically prepare as well. For example, they can serve as a designated space for driver briefings, providing a shaded space where teams can gather to discuss race strategies and track conditions.

For teams

As well as the riders themselves, awnings can also fulfil a range of essential roles for the wider race team, as well. For starters, they provide shelter for the mechanics and pit crews, giving them space to work on the bikes – fine-tuning their capabilities and ensuring that they’re kept in optimal condition, ready to put the pedal to the metal.

Crucially, teams can do this while shielded from the weather, which tends to be somewhat unpredictable here in the UK. It can be hard to work safely or reliably on a vehicle when you’re being battered by rain, sleet, or even blinded by bright sunshine, so an awning can provide protection and the right environment in which to work. They can also offer storage space for tools, spare parts, and other equipment needed for racing, keeping them organised and easily accessible trackside.

Guest facilities or vital amenities

Finally, our awnings can also be used to accommodate a variety of professionals or guests that your organisation may be hosting at the races. Our awnings can serve as designated viewing space or hospitality areas for VIP guests or sponsors for example, so they can watch the race in comfort. Similarly, they can be used to host press like journalists, photographers and broadcasters, especially if they’re planning on conducting any interviews with your team.

If the situation calls for it, our awnings may even be used for other critical event amenities, such as reception areas, check-in desks, or medical tents, providing the flexibility and capability to address any medical emergencies as and when they arise.

These are just a couple of key ideas, of course – you may well find that you have even more specific applications in mind! Whatever the case, you can always find an option that suits your needs here at the Awning Company – and we can even tailor our options to suit your requirements. Whether you’re a professional motocross racer or an events organiser, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 01204 554900, to see how we can help you!