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Rapidly Responding Awnings: How Awnings Assist the Emergency Services

You may think of awnings mainly in association with motorhomes and leisure purposes, but they can also have a variety of other uses. One of these is by the emergency services. By continuing to read this article from The Awning Company, you can learn all about how you can use our awnings for mobile first aid units, a mobile vaccination unit, a first aid mobile trauma station and more.

Using our awnings for emergency services

Our awnings are not just restricted to use within the equine and motorsports sectors, but are actually applicable for use by the emergency services. Within police departments, emergency medical services and fire departments, our awnings have been utilised in these sectors that prioritise and rely upon  consistency and dependability above all else. 

At The Awning Company, we have over 35 years of experience in creating temporary structures so you can rely on our awnings to meet your standards when they matter most. Continue reading to find out the different applications and emergency settings that our awnings can be used in.

Emergency medical services

Our awnings have been particularly useful as mobile incident unit structures that are intended to be used within short notice and deployed quickly. In emergency situations, it can be very useful to have some extra space for debriefing so creating space with rapid response units using our awnings is a simple yet effective solution. Limited workspaces can be quite a common occurrence, so it is invaluable to have a controlled environment to work effectively and get the job done if you need it.

Additionally, we have met the spontaneous demand that emergency services need to be able to depend on with mobile vaccination unit structures that have used our awnings during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our awnings have been particularly effective for use as a mobile testing unit to house all of the necessary equipment and infrastructure needed to meet the intensive and relentless demands of the pandemic. 

Fire and police departments

Though our awnings can be incredibly useful when it comes to being used for mobile medical use, they are just as valuable for use within the fire and police departments.

Acting as quickly and as efficiently as possible is just as important in police forces and fire departments, so the use of our quick-deploying awnings has been just as useful here. Our GH awnings can be deployed quickly to create a command centre or debrief area depending on what you require.

Below are some potential uses for our awnings that have used previously by emergency responders in these departments:

  • Tactical Firearms Rapid Response Unit
  • South Yorkshire Police Communications
  • Greater Manchester Crime Prevention
  • Fire Command Units

Fast deploying awnings at The Awning Company

If you require a durable awning for use for both leisure and commercial purposes, take a look at our bespoke awnings for awnings that will meet your requirements.

The Awning Company is a leading awning manufacturer in the UK, and we have a wide range of high-quality race awnings that you can put your trust in. Whether you’re in the motorsport industry and need a space to conduct your work, or you love the great outdoors and require an awning for some personal camping space, you’ll find what you’re looking for with us.

If you would like to find out more about our awnings and talk about how our range of bespoke awnings will suit your requirements, call us on 01204 544 900. You can also get a quote from The Awning Company with a simple call to our team.