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Top 5 Motorhome & Van Conversion Companies for the Motorsport Sector

Rising interest in motorsports has made motorhome conversions for the motorsport sector increasingly popular in recent years. And so, the market has become more saturated with motorhome conversion companies. These companies specialise in converting vehicles into sports homes that are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of motorsport teams. 

Whether you’re a professional racing team or a group who enjoy motorsports as a hobby, a motorhome conversion can be an excellent investment that offers comfort, convenience, and functionality during long days at the track.

Motorhome Conversion Awning

Top motorhome conversion companies

Motorhomes are commonly used in the motorsport industry as a base of operations for racing teams during events. These vehicles are specially designed to provide a comfortable living space for the team members while also serving as a mobile garage for race preparation.

The specific needs of these teams often require bespoke motorhomes. That means that finding the right motorhome conversion company is of utmost importance.

To make your lives easier, the team here at The Awning Company has put together a list of the top five motorhome conversion companies for the motorsport sector that we’re proud to work with:

  • Moto Trek – This company manufactures a range of exclusive hand-built motorhomes and motorsport transporters. Their van to motorhome conversions, with two to four berths, are designed to provide optimal levels of relaxation.
  • Mclaren Sports Homes – Mclaren Sports Homes specialises in bespoke sporthomes, race vans and motorhome conversions, producing inspiring, striking and luxurious motorhome conversions.
  • Xplore Campers – Xplore Campers design and construct premium adventure and race van conversions.
  • RS Motorhomes – RS Motorhomes are a North Lincolnshire-based, family owned business with years of experience in building bespoke luxury motorhomes.
  • IH Motorhomes – IH Motorhomes went into production of their own luxury motorhome range and haven’t looked back since!


All of the above companies design and construct bespoke motorhomes for the motorsport sector, which are custom built and equipped with our bespoke GH motorhome awnings. We are proud to work closely with these companies to design and custom build each race awnings to suit their clients needs. However, we’re here to tell you all about van to motorhome conversions and how we can be the answer to your prayers with our motorhome awnings!

Features to consider for your bespoke motorhome

When it comes to features for your motorhome conversion, motorhomes for the motorsport industry usually have a range of specific requirements, including:

  • Sleeping areas
  • Living areas
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Storage and garage spaces for equipment and tools

The size and layout of motorhomes can vary depending on the specific needs of the racing team. Some motorhomes may be large enough to accommodate team members and equipment, while others may be smaller and more compact. This is where you have to consider who you choose for your motorhome conversion, as you want to ensure all of your requirements can be met.

In addition to their functional features, motorhomes for the motorsport industry are often designed with a sleek and sporty aesthetic to match the racing environment. They may also include high-end technology and entertainment systems to keep the team members comfortable and entertained during downtime. This is where a more high-spec, modern motorhome conversion company may be required because you want to ensure you’re getting the highest quality motorhome around!

As well as needing high-end technology to keep the team entertained, racing teams may also require a garage or workshop area to store and work on the race cars. And this is where our bespoke awnings come in! We design, manufacture, and build bespoke race awnings and structures of immense strength that look great in the paddock.

Race awnings from The Awning Company

Our team of experts understands the requirements of the motorsport industry, so we will design and install your new van awning to meet all your racing needs. Whichever awning style you choose for your van, you’ll discover our build quality, ease of use, and our unique designs cannot be beaten! 

Our race awnings range from GH Windout awnings that are suitable for a range of vehicles to Modular and lightweight aluminium framed structures that are perfect for race days. Whatever your awning, we will work closely with your conversion company to consider the awning type, design and storage.

We also have GH Jumbo Windouts, Tech Tents, and more. All motorsports awnings and structures from The Awning Company are manufactured at our Bolton factory. We only use the best quality materials and components to provide the most durable and reliable motorsport awnings available.. 

Motorhomes are an essential part of the motorsport industry, providing a mobile base of operations for racing teams. They allow them to travel from one event to another with all of their equipment and supplies in tow. But alongside the motorhome, racing awnings are equally as important.

As leading manufacturers of race van awnings, you can put your trust in the team here at The Awning Company to produce the highest quality temporary structure for you. If you’re not sure which awning you require, get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help!