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Why invest in a GH Awning?

When it comes to awnings, the main reason for their use is to create temporary structures for a range of different purposes. From motorsport tents to horse trailer awnings, these structures are an easy and useful solution to meet your business’ needs for a wide variety of industries. So, why should you invest in a GH awning? Read below to learn how to choose an awning from our range that will best suit your needs.

How to choose an awning from The Awning Company

Due to the nature of how awnings are used, it is important that the quality of the awning you purchase is taken into account when deciding which type is most suited to your requirements. An awning is a large investment and can be a key element in creating a safe and weatherproof environment, whether you’re looking for an awning for your business or motorhome awnings for leisure. Therefore,  it’s not a decision to take lightly.

To ensure that you buy an awning you can rely on, you should use the following checklist:

  • Does the company you’re buying from have a good reputation?
  • Does the awning meet M2 flame retardancy standards?
  • Is it the right size for your vehicle?
  • Does the structure demonstrate dependable strength?
  • Is there a good customer support service if you need help?
  • Does the awning have a Made in Britain mark?
  • Does the company offer a good choice of awning accessories?
  • Have you read good customer feedback about the awning companies?
gh awning for sale uk - gh frontier awning

If you go through this checklist when considering how to choose an awning from a reputed company, you should end up with one that is of superior quality to others available on the market.

Buying a high-quality awning will mean that your structure won’t let you down when you need it most. For example, in bad weather and high winds, lower-quality awnings may struggle. It also means that it will need to be repaired less frequently and last much longer.

Why choose a GH modular awning?

The GH Awning design is a class above your average awning offerings across the market. GH designer and founder of The Awning Company, Gary Harthern, has over 30 years of experience in the industry and is the definition of an awning expert. Through his years of designing and developing awnings for a range of purposes, his GH awning design is both innovative and market-leading.

One of our leading awnings in terms of quality and popularity is the GH Frontier Windout. The GH Frontier Windout enables you to quickly transform your commercial van or motorhome into a compact race support vehicle. When you need that extra space at race meetings, this is the perfect solution with a lightweight, yet robust frame that can be assembled by just one person.

What vehicles do you provide awnings for?

As part of our range of GH awnings, we can provide custom-built awnings for a range of manufacturers. This means that we’re able to supply you with an awning that has been tailor-made specifically for your vehicle’s specifications for an exact fit. We supply awnings for the following vehicle brands:

GH Awnings for sale in the UK

When you buy a GH awning for motorhomes you know that you are getting:

  • 30+ years of awning manufacturing and design experience
  • Bespoke awnings built to suit a full range of vehicles 
  • PVC materials that meet M2 flame retardancy standards
  • Made in Britain mark
  • Trusted by global brands like Ford
  • Outstanding range of custom accessories
  • Excellent spares and after-sales service

If you would like to find out more about GH awnings for sale in the UK and how our range of bespoke awnings can suit your unique needs, contact us by calling on 01204 544 900. You can also get a quote from The Awning Company by simply filling in our online form.