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Mobile Tech Unit

Mobile tech awnings for commercial vehicle operators

In the ever-increasing environment of customer service, getting the job done on time and within budget is a major factor. Unfortunately, for the majority of outside tradesmen, their job can slow down and even be abandoned due to the British weather. This results in customers being dissatisfied and further delays in other jobs scheduled.

Get an awning that provides what you need to get the job done, whatever the weather.

extra space

Our mobile tech awnings provide a safe, weatherproof and private working environment. Get the job to be done on time with no risk to the worker or the general public.

Bespoke mobile awnings

With two unique products specifically for Commercial Vehicle Operators, our bespoke side and rear awnings are manufactured to suit your exact vehicle and with up to 4m in projection. Both the RVA & SVA can be fitted off roof bars or mounted off specially designed brackets. Both awnings not only provide a solution for your technicians, but they can also provide a mobile promotional space to put your sales teams wheels in motion.

Mobile Branding Opportunities

Promotional vehicles are becoming ever more common and of increasing importance as part a companies sales and marketing strategy – the overall impact created by such means is an economical way of staying ahead of the competition.

To compliment your overall image, we offer a unique range of awning that ensures your presence is felt in a manner that best suits your company branding. The introduction of graphics, design patterns and colours can really highlight a message that will be instantly recognised and remembered. The extra space that our structure provides is ideal for exhibitions, stock or client hospitality.

“We have invested heavily in new vans and looked to source awnings for them with proven quality to ensure our windscreen repair technicians can work effectively in adverse weather conditions. The Awning Company’s product was an obvious choice, being lightweight and easy to fit. Their awnings are also aesthetically pleasing, which is important to us as our vehicles are a huge part of our brand profile.” Russell Hall, Auto Windscreens’ Fleet Manager