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Horse Stable Door Pads


At The Awning Company, we’re committed to ensuring your horse is safe and secure at all times when in their stable. We provide high-quality and durable stable door pads for horses that can protect them and your stable.

Horse safety breeds success, so ensure this with horse stable door pads from The Awning Company.

They’re made from heavy-duty PVC with a high-density foam core and feature a chain and quick-release spring hook for stable entry. These useful horse stable door pads stop ‘barging’ horses and prevent big knees that can occur through persistent banging of the stable door. Plus, these pads can also reduce the noise that consistent banging of the door produces.

Easy to Use, High-Quality Horse Stable Door Pads

Our horse stable door pads come complete with all eye bolt fixing for easy DIY installation. They can be used in horseboxes for protection during transit too, and they’re available in a choice of either green or black. All fixtures and fittings are included.

£175 including VAT and delivery

Equine Horse Awnings

At The Awning Company, we also provide horsebox awnings which can ensure high-quality shelter in all weather conditions.

Equine awnings are the perfect solution for providing shelter for you and your horse when at a show. Whether you need protection from the weather while preparing your horse for the ring, or you need a pop-up stable for an overnight stay, then our awnings are ideal.

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Heavy-duty PVC stable door pads made with high-density foam core.

  • Heavy duty chain & quick release spring hook for easy stable entry

  • Stops ‘barging’ horses

  • Stops big knees through persistent banging of stable door

  • Reduces noise of stable door banging

  • Comes complete with all eye bolt fixings for easy

  • DIY installation

  • Can be used in horseboxes for protection during transit

  • Standard colours available: Black or Green.

Other colours available on request but a minimum order of x 10 is required.

Includes fixtures and fittings (chain and hooks)

£175 including VAT and delivery