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How to prepare for a horse show with our equine awnings

If you’re a regular attendee at horse shows but struggle for space around your vehicle and want somewhere comfortable for your horses to stay, we have the solution. At The Awning Company, we’re incredibly proud of the high-quality awnings we offer for a variety of industries, including our equine awnings. To find out how to get ready for a horse show and what the best awning for a horse trailer is, continue reading this helpful guide.

How to prepare for a horse show: Choosing the right awning

If you’re looking to learn how to prepare for a horse show effectively, using a horse trailer awning with your vehicle is the best way to create extra space for yourself and provide a comfortable spot for your horse. Fortunately, at The Awning Company, we have the perfect all-weather solution that provides shelter for you and your horse.

Whether you need protection from the weather while preparing your horse for the ring, or you need a temporary stable for an overnight stay, our Equistor Awnings are ideal. Also, they’re perfect for some outdoor dining and other activities when staying at a show for several days.

Learning how to build a portable horse shelter is simple with our easy-to-use equine awnings too. Your awning will be up and ready in no time at all, providing useful shelter for you and your horse.

What are the best awnings for a horse trailer?

At The Awning Company, we have a wonderful range of equine awnings that you can use at horse shows. With our full range of equine awnings, choosing the best awning for a horse trailer for your unique needs couldn’t be easier. Our range includes the following awnings:

Frontier Awning


The Frontier is an ideal cover and shelter from the sun or rain thanks to its standard 2.5 metre projection. This awning is fully self-supporting and does not require leg support. The Frontier cassette can be fitted to the side, flush mounted or mounted on the roof using the optional gallow bracket.

If you’re wondering how to prepare for a horse show with the Frontier, you’ll be pleased to know that it can be erected in a matter of seconds and by one person thanks to the crank winding handle.

Equistor Jumbo Awning

The Equistor Jumbo model provides a large covered area, like the Frontier, making it great for hosting guests and housing horses. The great benefit of this awning is that it grows with your demands. It starts off as a roof-only structure in manual or electric operation. You can then add sidewall sheeting to form any of the stabling and hospitality designs you require.

The Jumbo is supplied, as standard, with heavy-duty aluminium corner posts that help support the increased projections you can add to the structure. We strongly recommend the use of the awning in this way as it creates the strongest of structures to cope with the unpredictable British weather.

In some cases, a single individual can erect this awning on their own (roof only). However, some real luxury can be added, with a 240V motor that opens the awning with the touch of a button.

Stalling Sheets

Stalling sheets prevent horses from moving beyond the boundaries of the awning, keeping them dry or shaded from the sun. Set at 4ft high, it creates a stable environment to prepare your horse and also makes an ideal saddle and rug rack.

To provide extra protection from the wind and rain, the top half of the sidewall can be added easily by sliding the PVC sheeting into the keder grooves on the aluminium sections’ stalling bar. This operation only takes around one minute to install, keeping you and your horse dry and comfortable. The large meshed panel provides plenty of ventilation for more humid conditions too.

Recessed Jumbo

At The Awning Company, there are two options for retrofit. If you’re investing in a new custom build, however, then recessing the awning can be beneficial.

Every coach-builder has their own design and build techniques and as we already work closely with many companies, designing a recessed kit to suit a specific vehicle design is our speciality. You can do a lot of custom building with us, including adding stable door pads, and more.

Benefits of an Equine Awning

There are a wide range of advantages to using equine awnings when considering how to prepare for a horse show. Here are the main benefits of our equine awnings:

  • Provides a waterproof shelter for horses and guests
  • Easy to use
  • Quick installation and setup
  • They’re available flush-mounted or recessed
  • Ranges of sizes suitable for your vehicle size and type
  • Durable, strong and long-lasting
  • Wide variety of colours available

How to get ready for a horse show with The Awning Company

Now you’re aware of how to prepare for a horse show with an awning, it’s time to pick the perfect equine awning for you! To get started, you can take a look at our awning prices to get a better idea of what we offer and which the best awning for a horse trailer is for your requirements.

At The Awning Company, we have a wide range of high-quality awnings that you can depend on for years to come. If you would like to find out more about our awnings and discuss how our range of bespoke awnings will suit your requirements, contact us by calling on 01204 544 900. You can also get a quote from The Awning Company by simply filling in our online form.