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Improve your Horse Hack with a Tack Locker and Equine Awning

As we all know, organisation is often the key to success, and this is applicable even to you and your horses. Imagine arriving at the stables, eager to begin a relaxing hack with your horse and then you can’t find your saddle. Or that new brand new bridle you’ve just purchased. Amidst the flurry of equine activity, you can’t deny the value of essentials such as tack lockers and equine awnings. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of these horsey accessories and how they can significantly improve your overall experience as a horse owner.

Equistor Horsebox Awning

Organisational bliss with tack lockers

Tack lockers are a horse owner’s best friend, providing a haven of organisation and security for your precious tack and equipment. These sturdy storage units offer several benefits:


Say goodbye to the days of searching through piles of equipment in search of your favourite saddle. Tack lockers provide a designated space for each item, complete with hooks, compartments, and shelves. No more tangled reins or misplaced brushes! Doesn’t this just sound like bliss.

Protection and security

Horse tacks are a significant investment, and protecting it is of the utmost importance. Tack lockers shield your gear from the elements, preventing damage from rain, dust, and UV rays. With a lockable door, you can rest easy, knowing your equipment is safe from potential theft or misplacement.

Ease & convenience

Imagine the luxury of having everything you need in one place. Horse tack lockers allow you to store not only saddles and bridles but also grooming supplies, first aid kits, and other essential horse care items. No more lugging heavy bags around or forgetting important equipment.

Equine Awnings

In the unpredictable British weather, equine awnings, or horsebox awnings, have become indispensable for both horse and owner. Here’s why:

Protection from the sun

Your beloved horses are susceptible to the sun’s harmful rays, just like us. Equine awnings offer much-needed shade, reducing the risk of sunburn, heat stress, and discomfort for your horse. A cool and shaded environment keeps them content and prevents the overheating that can dampen the joy of a hack.

No more rainy-days

As true horse enthusiasts, we refuse to let a little rain dampen our spirits. Equine awnings provide a sanctuary during showers, allowing both horse and rider to stay dry and comfortable. No more soggy saddles or cancelled hacks due to unpredictable and unexpected weather!

Prioritise your horse’s health

Good ventilation is crucial for the well-being of horses. Equine awnings promote natural airflow, minimising the buildup of heat and humidity – a factor that is increasingly important during summer weather. This reduces the risk of respiratory issues and ensures your horse can breathe easy during your hacks together.

Benefits to your equine experience

Now that we’ve highlighted the importance of tack lockers and equine awnings, let’s explore how these additions enhance your overall horse ownership experience.

Save yourself buckets of time

With a well-organised tack locker with lots of space, you can bid farewell to frantic searches for equipment before each ride. Everything is within reach, neatly arranged, and ready to go. This means more time spent enjoying the company of your horse rather than hunting for misplaced gear.

Peace of mind

As a horse owner, your equine companion’s well-being is always on your mind. Tack lockers offer peace of mind, knowing that your valuable tack is secure and protected. Equine awnings provide reassurance that your horse is sheltered from adverse weather conditions, ensuring their comfort and safety.

Hassle free trips

When you’re equipped with a well-stocked tack locker, you’ll be ready to embark on spontaneous hacks without any last minute panics. With the added benefit of equine awnings, you won’t have to worry about unexpected weather changes disrupting your plans. You and your horse can enjoy the great outdoors, rain or shine. Sounds perfect, right?

Horse tack lockers & awnings from The Awning Co

Safeguarding is essential for your horse and here at The Awning Co, we can provide specialist stable safety pads, water trays, and equine awnings for horseboxes in a range of sizes.

Our bespoke awnings are designed with you in mind and can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for equine awnings or more versatile equine equipment like water trays or stable door pads, we’ve got it all. 

While tack lockers and equine awnings may not be the first things that come to mind when considering horse ownership, their importance cannot be overstated. They bring order to the chaos, protect your valuable equipment, and create a comfortable environment for your horse. 

By investing in these essential items, you’ll save time, gain peace of mind, and take your equine experiences to new heights. So, equip yourself with a must-needed tack locker and provide your horse with the shade and shelter of an equine awning. Your horse will thank you, and together, you’ll forge unforgettable memories on countless enjoyable hacks. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you.