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Motorsport: Getting Your Awning Ready For The First Race Weekend

With your first race weekend just around the corner, it is essential to be fully prepared for the race and ensure you have everything you need to get started. To help you prepare, we at The Awning Company have put together this useful guide to ensure you have all of the equipment you need to be prepared. Read on to find out how a free-standing motorsport awning and accessories from us can help you prepare.

Motorsport awning specialists

Amid the wide range of awnings we produce, we are motorsport awning specialists. For over 30 years, we have designed, manufactured and built race awnings and structures for numerous motorsport teams. Due to the consistency of our products, our clients have had a whole host of positive things to say about our motorsport awnings.

As a result, you can prepare for your first race weekend with confidence with a durable and high-quality motorsport awning from our range. Our speciality is within our race awning and van awning options. You can rely on these to give you the durability and longevity you would expect from reputed free-standing motorsport awning suppliers.

Motorsport awning accessories

When preparing for your first race weekend, ensuring your team stands out in the paddock is essential. When building your awning for motorsport events our awning accessories can go a long way to further enhance your presence with bespoke enhancements to ensure your team and sponsors are well represented.

Just some of our accessories include:

  •  Curved roof beams – Boast up to 8m in projection and create a softer roofline look to your awning
  •  Double doors – Opening or Sliding – High-spec aluminium doors that are easily assembled and lockable
  •  Aluminium framed lower solid boards – High spec finish for hospitality to create a professional space
  •  Branding – full in house digital & screen printing service
  •  5th wheel skirt – Encloses the swan neck to create additional storage


This list is not exhaustive, however, as you can find even more accessories to help your first race weekend go that much smoother in our accessory brochure.

Branding ready

While you are on the paddock, having good branding in place with your equipment can leave an impression in regards to both you and your sponsors, if done effectively.

With the majority of our motorsport products, we are not only able to create these to fit your custom space requirements, but we can also apply your own choice of branding and theming on them too. With impressive branding, your awning can really stand out in the paddock and make your brand, and its imagery, memorable.

In our range of accessories, we also offer double aluminium opening or sliding doors, which can be finished either side with door sponsor panels. These are aluminium-framed solid panels built for robust security, with PVC panels also available. By taking advantage of your space and maximising your opportunities for branding and sponsorship, you will be effectively prepared for your first motorsport race weekend.

Setting up quickly

If you are competing at a race event and require a free standing structure then our midi marquee and spectator barriers are ideal.

For putting up cover over a vehicle at a moment’s notice, our midi marquees are the perfect solution. If the weather is unpredictable, these marquees ranging from 3m to 6m lengths & widths provide enough cover for even the most sizable vehicles. If you do require more space, however, two or more midi-marquees can be joined with an optional PVC gutter.

Racing environments don’t always have dedicated, permanent pit areas available and areas require quick set-up and dismantling as a result. Therefore, our spectator barriers are ideal to help you define your space and are designed for fast and easy set-up. These are also designed to be visually stunning and can be made in custom designs for further branding opportunities.

Preparing your motorsport awning with The Awning Company

Now you know how to prepare your team presence for the first race weekend with our motorsport awning accessory choices, it is time to design the perfect motorsport awning for you!

At The Awning Company, our bespoke awnings can be made to meet your specific requirements and expectations. If you would like to find out more about our awnings and discuss how our range of bespoke awnings will suit your requirements, call us on 01204 544 900. You can also get a quote from The Awning Company with a simple call to our team.